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If “A” avails a Personal loan for 50 lacs, his EMI for a 15 year loan period will be as follows:

Total EMI for 50 lacs will range between Rs.49700/- and Rs.59300/-

EMI for 1 lac will range between Rs.993/- and Rs.1250/-

Bank NameLoan AmountInterest Rate Range Tenure Range
sbi home loan in coimbatore15L - 10Crs8.65%1-30 Years
india bulls home loan in coimbatore2L - 3Crs8.70%1-30 Years
pnb personal loan in coimbatore5L Min9.30%
1-30 Year
icici mortgage loan in coimbatore5L - 10Crs8.70%3-30 Years
hdfc business loan in coimbatore5L - 10Crs8.65%
1-30 Years
dena home loan in coimbatore2Crs Max9.45% - 9.7%
1-25 Years
federal business loan in coimbatore15L - 15Crs9.57% - 9.82%
1-30 Years
Citibank mortgage loan in coimbatore5L Min9.5%1-30 Years
Axis bank personal loan in coimbatore5L - 10Crs9.50%1-30 Years
Reliance bank business loan in coimbatore5L - 10Crs9.75%1-25 Years
Tata bank home loan in coimbatore5L Min9.30%1-30 Years
Kotak  bank business loan in coimbatore5L Min9.30%1-20 Years
SCB bank mortgage loan in coimbatore5L Min9.50%1-25 Years
Religare bank home loan in coimbatore30L - 5Crs9.75%3-30 Years
DCB Bank personal loan in coimbatore5L Min9.75%1-30 Years
Magma Bank mortgage loan in coimbatore5L Min10.00%1-30 Years
L&T personal loan in coimbatore5L Min9.75%
1-25 Years

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